It's Dinnertime: Check Out How Much Time Tovala Saves You

Tovala Meals save you a lot of time and energy on a busy weeknight. To show you how, let’s walk through what it takes to make Moroccan Fish Tagine on your own versus with Tovala’s help.

For a good idea of what goes into this dish, check out the photo below on the left. All of that becomes the final meal you see on the right!

Numerous ingredients are spread out on a table on the left and a completed meal in a bowl on the right.

This Moroccan Fish Tagine is our take on the traditional Moroccan stew, featuring black cod. However, it still incorporates the dish’s signature balance of sweet and savory flavors. It’s filling, perfect for cooler weather, and we’re big fans!

Here’s what it takes to make Moroccan Fish Tagine:

Without Tovala, making this meal involves spending an hour and 45 minutes prepping and cooking numerous ingredients and with Tovala, the meal is ready in 18 minutes with only one minute of prep.

We’re not anti-home cooking. The fact that you can cook your own food in the Tovala is a testament to that! But it’s also really nice to have a home-cooked meal that’s delicious, healthy, and a complete no-brainer.

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