13 Easy Chicken Dinners to Whip Up This Week

Easy chicken dinners: grilled chicken and vegetables

Wondering what to make for dinner tonight? Aren’t we all?

We’ve been pondering tonight’s dinner since breakfast this morning. And since you still have that pound of chicken in the fridge with absolutely zero ideas about how to prepare it, we decided to do a little research. 

Below, you’ll find 13 chicken dinner recipes that anyone can make (yes, even you). From a chicken parmesan that’s ready in just 20 minutes to zesty chicken tacos you can actually bake in the oven, there’s a recipe here to satisfy whatever you’re craving.

And for the nights that you don’t feel like cooking—well, anything—we have a few suggestions for that too

13 Easy Chicken Dinners 

For an easy chicken dinner, try one of these 13 recipes. Whether you're craving comfort food, takeout, or the fried chicken tenders you remember from childhood, you'll find an easy recipe in the list below. 

1. Thai Panang Curry Recipe With Chicken

Easy chicken dinners: Thai Panang Curry Recipe With Chicken
Image: Curry Trail

If panang curry is your go-to order from any Thai takeout spot, you fall under the category of “our kind of people.” There is simply nothing more satisfying than creamy red curry with peanut butter mixed in, except maybe a second helping. This panang curry comes together in just 30 minutes, requires just a few base ingredients, and is far easier to make than you expect.

2. Easy Chicken Parmigiana

Easy chicken dinners: Easy Chicken Parmigiana Recipe
Image: Nithi’s Click n Cook

Do you ever set out to make a “new” Italian recipe, and somehow always find yourself drifting back to chicken parmesan? Same. It’s our favorite, we love it, and we want some more of it—except maybe of a version that’s easier to make. In this recipe, you’ll dredge the chicken in bread crumbs, top with marinara and mozzarella, then bake for a total time of just 20 minutes.

3. Dump-and-Bake Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes

Easy chicken dinners: Dump-and-Bake Rosemary Chicken and Potatoes
Image: The Seasoned Mom

Alright, let’s set one thing straight here: Boneless, skinless breasts may get all the praise, but bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs are the best cut out there. The skin is super crispy, the dark meat is incredibly moist, and in case you haven’t checked the barcode lately, they’re as cheap as any four-letter word. This recipe does chicken thighs right: with fresh herbs and a side of crispy potatoes.

4. Easy Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Easy chicken dinners: Easy Chicken Enchilada Casserole
Image: What Should I Make For...

Let’s talk first world problems for a hot second: Have you ever whipped up a recipe only to think, “This looks nothing like the photo”? Same here. Assembly isn’t our thing (hence why we prefer our meals pre-assembled), so casseroles hold a special place in our hearts. In this recipe, you’ll toss all your enchilada ingredients haphazardly into one dish—no fancy presentation required.

5. Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas

Easy chicken dinners: Sheet Pan Chicken Fajitas
Image: Smart Nutrition

Did you know you could make fajitas in the oven? And not just in the handy Tovala Oven you ever-so-conveniently keep on your counter. With these easy chicken fajitas, you’ll bake caramelized onions, bell peppers, and boneless chicken breasts on one baking sheet in the oven, and season perfectly with all your favorite spices. Serve wrapped in a tortilla with black beans, cheddar cheese, and guacamole to complete the dish.

6. Easy Crispy Chicken

Easy Chicken Dinners: Easy Crispy Chicken
Image: The Iron You

Looking for an easy oven-baked chicken recipe? This roasted chicken thigh recipe comes with two basic steps: drizzle with olive oil and seasoning, then toss in the oven. Your chicken thighs will come out perfectly crisp and tender with minimal effort. Our only complaint? We prefer meals that come together in less than 20 minutes—not 40. 

7. Buffalo Chicken Pasta

Easy chicken dinners: Buffalo Chicken Casserole
Image: Baking Beauty

This chicken pasta dish combines all our favorite things: pasta, chicken, cream cheese, more cheese, hot sauce, and ranch dressing. If you love chicken wings, you’ll love bringing all those buffalo flavors into this creamy, cheesy dish, ready in just 30 minutes.

8. Baked Chicken Tacos

Easy chicken dinners: Baked Chicken Tacos
Image: Feel Good Foodie

Is it Taco Tuesday at your house? These baked chicken tacos are incredibly easy to make and combine all your favorite Mexican-inspired flavors. You’ll stuff hard taco shells with shredded chicken, green chiles, taco seasoning, and cheese, bake them in the oven for 10 minutes, then top with salsa, sour cream, cilantro, and your other favorite fixings.

9. Chicken Broccoli Stir-Fry

Easy chicken dinners: Chicken Broccoli Stir-Fry
Image: Kylee Cooks

If you’re looking for the simplest meal to make—wait, if you’re looking for the second simplest meal to make—you have to try a stir-fry. Sure, it looks complicated, but behind that gorgeous photo is nothing more than some chopped up veggies and chicken breasts, tossed in a skillet on the stovetop until slightly charred. Season with hoisin sauce, sesame oil, and garlic for an easy, flavorful weeknight meal.

10. Greek Chicken

Easy chicken dinners: Greek Chicken
Image: Savory Tooth

Sometimes, it’s not the actual cooking part that takes the most time—it’s the cleanup. By now, you know how averse we are to doing dishes, which is why we love one-pot meals. This Mediterranean-inspired quick chicken dish involves baking chicken in a Greek marinade then pairing it with roasted zucchini, tomatoes, and onions for a complete and balanced meal.

11. Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken Tenders

Easy chicken dinners: Crispy Oven-Baked Chicken Tenders
Image: Sweet and Savory Meals

Along with PB&Js and grilled cheese sammis, there are certain foods that are just as satisfying now as they were in childhood. The best chicken tenders know no age limit, and this particular recipe is certainly adult-approved. With a crunchy layer of bread crumbs on the outside and tender juicy chicken on the inside, this easy recipe is one you’ll make for your next (21+) happy hour with friends.

12. Pesto Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Easy chicken dinners: Pesto Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
Image: Haute & Healthy Living 

Do you remember when your only lunch options were to either 1) make a sandwich or 2) toss a salad together? Did we lack creativity or what? These pesto chicken stuffed sweet potatoes are the perfect, easy lunch to toss together when you’re in a pinch. Simply stir shredded rotisserie chicken with pesto sauce, stuff in a baked sweet potato, and enjoy—that’s it! 

13. Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Easy chicken dinners: Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
Image: BBQing With the Nolands 

This post simply wouldn’t be complete without a chicken caesar salad. This chicken salad recipe comes together in just half an hour, making it perfect for those busy weeknights. While this recipe incorporates a homemade dressing, feel free to shave off a few minutes and simply use store bought. Either way, the grilled chicken breasts add an extra smokey flavor to this salad that you won’t be able to resist. 

Try Tovala for the Easiest Chicken Recipes 

Alright, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: Most of these recipes are way too much work for us. Sure a 30-minute meal doesn't sound half bad compared to most of the recipes you see on Pinterest, but we're usually 15 minutes and under kinda people. Once in awhile, we can stretch that to 20.

Because we have no faith that we'll suddenly become patient people with lots of extra time, we made Tovala meals. With Tovala, chef-inspired, healthy, delicious meals are delivered straight to your door. There's no grocery shopping, chopping vegetables, or waiting for your oven to preheat. Simply scan the barcode on your Tovala Oven, then watch as it cooks your dinner for you. Meals are ready in 20 minutes or less—with some taking less than 10. 

You'll find delicious recipes like Southwest BBQ Chicken Salad, Chicken Pot Pie, Chicken Cacciatore, and Tikka Masala Chicken. The menu rotates weekly, so be sure to check out this week's options to see what's cooking in our—soon to be your—kitchen.