Kara McCartney

Kara McCartney is a copywriter and food photographer based in Washington, DC. Kara photographed two cookbooks and currently works with health and wellness businesses on their messaging and content strategy. There is no food Kara will turn down — especially if it's Indian.

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Easy Chicken Breast Recipes: Few Ingredients, Fewer Headaches

In these easy chicken recipes you'll learn 12 different dinners you can make virtually any night of the week. Each one of these simple recipes contain few ingredients, fewer steps, and zero headaches.
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How to Meal Prep Like a Pro: The Ultimate Guide to Meal Prep

There's a meal prep style for everyone. Here's how to meal prep in a few different ways to lower your stress levels throughout the week.
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14 Easy Meals for One Person

If you're preparing a meal for a party of one, staring at recipes fit for 4–8 people can get pretty old, pretty quick. Here are 14 easy meals for one person you can treat yourself to any night of the week.
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20 Easy Weeknight Dinners to Prepare Any Night of the Week

Exhausted after work? Don't consider delivery just yet. These 20 easy weeknight dinners take 30 minutes (or less) to prepare. Most of them require little prep or cleanup, and all of them make perfect leftovers for the next day.
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14 Quick Dinner Ideas: Cook a Full Meal in 20 Minutes

Scrambling for dinner inspiration? Bored by your same chicken and veggies? These recipes are easy and quick dinner ideas that break the mold.
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Healthy Meals for One You Can Make Any Night of the Week

Need a healthy meal for one without the complicated process of scaling down a family-sized recipe? From pesto risotto to stuffed sweet potatoes and single-serving chicken noodle soup, these recipes fill your body with nutrients without filling your refrigerator with leftovers.
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12 Healthy, Easy Dinner Recipes You Have to Try This Week

Here are 12 quick, easy weeknight dinners that can be prepared in as little as 20 minutes. Keep these easy dinner ideas on the back burner for the next time you need dinner ready in a flash.
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