Quick Tips for New Tovala Owners

Welcome to the Tovala family, we’re really excited for you to get cooking! Here are a few tips we’ve put together so you can get your feet wet as soon as you get your Tovala:

The Basics

What can the Tovala cook?

Anything that you cook in a conventional oven or toaster oven can be cooked in the Tovala, too!

What materials are alright for me to put into the Tovala?

Any oven-safe materials, which include glass, ceramics, and metal. Stay away from paper, plastic, or cardboard.

How do I clean the Tovala?

The best way we’ve found is to first use a damp paper towel to wipe out any schmutz. Then, spray oven cleaner and use the Clean Cycle. This cycle can be initiated via the Tovala app. Find it under Settings > Your Oven > Clean Cycle.

The Smart Oven’s Control Panel

Start Knob

This is what you’ll press to start cooking.

You’ll also spin it to change the cook time or when you’re adjusting the Heat and Toast settings. (For more info on those 2 buttons, keep on reading.)

Toast Button

What does it do?

Toast! It has 5 options, which display on the oven’s control panel. 1 is a lightest, 2 is light, 3 is medium dark, 4 is dark, and 5 is darkest.

Be mindful that different types of bread and bread of different thicknesses toast differently! For example, a typical bagel usually toasts to a nice golden brown best on a 2. It’ll be a darker brown on a 3.

Use it like an expert

• If your bread is stored in the fridge, try 2 or 3.
• If your bread is frozen, try 4 or 5.
• If your bread is stale, use the Toast cycle to rejuvenate it (which all utilize steam).
• If you’re craving a nice, hot sandwich, put your sandwich into your Tovala and use the Toast cycle, choosing from options 1-5 for your desired level of bread toasting. You’ll end up with a sandwich that’s hot throughout!

Toasting Pro Tip: Our chef recommends running the Toast cycle all the way through, then flipping your toast and using the Tovala app to broil the other side for an additional 0:30-0:45.

Heat Button

What does it do?

It uses a mix of dry and wet heat to do anything from heating up leftovers and frozen food to cooking raw veggies. And it does the job more quickly than a conventional oven! Our chefs spent months devising its basically magical range of capabilities.

Use it like an expert

• If you’re heating up a full plate of food from the fridge, try 9:15.
• If you’re heading up a full plate of food from frozen, try 15 minutes.
• Adjust your time up or down from there based on the size of your dish.

General Tips for Cooking in the Tovala

When heating up your Smart Oven…

It takes around 4 minutes to heat up to 350°F, and another 4 minutes to get to 500°F.

When using only the steam cycle to cook something…

Use a perforated container like a cooling rack or a metal colander so that the water doesn’t pool on the bottom of the container.

When a meal is done…

Your Smart Oven will beep, and if you’ve enabled notifications, your app will also send you a push notification when your meal is done.

Water Reservoir Pro Tip: Make sure your water reservoir is at least a third full before you cook anything.

Cooking Tovala Meals

How do I actually scan my meal?

Glad you asked! Here’s a quick video showing you how to scan your Tovala Meals.

Oven Pro Tip: Before you start cooking your Tovala Meal, make sure you can comfortably hold your hand against the oven door. Tovala Meals are calibrated to cook in an oven that starts at room temperature, rather than one that’s already warmed up from use.

Cooking Food Beyond Tovala Meals

How can I cook something of my own—something that’s not a Tovala Meal?

The Tovala app has recipes our chef created so you can cook with the same multi-step cooking routines that he uses. Each recipe has a few quick and easy prep steps that you’ll need to follow, then you’ll press “Cook It!” and the Tovala will do the rest!

How do I program the Tovala with my own recipes?

The app comes in handy here, too. Just press the red “Make Your Own Recipe” at the bottom of the screen.

Now you’re ready to start crafting a recipe of your own. For each step, you’ll pick cooking method, temperature, and time, then save the step as part of a “New Meal”.

A quick, fun recipe to try: Baked Egg in an Avocado

1. Crack an egg into half an avocado.
2. Sprinkle it with some salt and pepper.
3. Press the Heat button and set your cook time to 9:15.
4. Enjoy!